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Oklahoma City's Science Museum

There are lots of great things to do in Oklahoma City. One of the top sites is the city's Science museum.

Nature is wonderful and home to a lot of interesting activities. This site began as the Kirkpatrick Planetarium in 1958. Later, it became a permanent dome at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds. From its rebranding of Omniplex to its current name, it has undergone extensive remodeling. This is by adding numerous new exhibits and galleries. It includes a kid-friendly space exhibit and art galleries.


A section of the museum preserves and honors the contributions of Oklahomans to aerospace. A good example is artifacts related to Wiley Post. This is a perfect getaway to explore with your family. It occupies more than eight acres and mostly relates to hands-on science experiences. These experiences are together with thousands of space, aviation, and cultural artifacts.

Special Exhibitions

Special exhibitions change throughout the course of the year. You can check the museum's website for more information and pricing.

Bodies Revealed

It's fascinating and real. People get to see the showcases of various human bodies. They are kept in a particular way; ie revolutionary process. This allows tourists to see themselves in a fascinating way like never before.

Ray Harryhausen-Mythical Managerie

This is a wide range of items. They are original models, prototypes, bronzes, sketches, and storyboards. They are contained in the fantasy films of this individual (Ray). A point to note is that this exhibition is only viewed in this city.

Tinkering Garage

This is whereby visitors get to explore the tools and create their own projects.

Science Live

It's a daily live performance show where visitors can witness the mysteries of chemistry and physics. These include some amazing chemical-reaction explosions and gadget trees which feature the world's tallest spiral slide.

The Planetarium

It gives visitors an opportunity to explore the wonders of space. The tourists see fascinating shows on stars and depths of the universe. They also get the latest images and news from NASA and its leading astronomers.

Science Overnights

This site allows families to spend the night in the museum. Participants come with their sleeping bags and pillows. This is for them to enjoy the magic and wonder of science after dark. Moreover, each event is themed; and includes access to all the museum's exhibits and shows. There are also specially designed hands-on activities.

Over the years, the museum’s mission has been sharpened to emphasize the wonder and relevance of science. This is to kids of all ages including toddlers. These kids can explore in the Kids Space and Family Space exhibits. It's conveniently enclosed so as parents can feel secure letting their kids play.

Tourists are entitled to an official Segway driver's license. This is after undergoing three successful rides in The Segway Obstacle Course. It’s a lesson in balance and persistence which explains the science behind the personal transportation machines. Moreover, helping riders get acclimated. The museum staff facilitates this course.

This museum makes scientific concepts engaging, enlightening, and entertaining. This applies especially to those who dislike museums.

Address and Directions

The museum is located at:
2020 Remington Place
Oklahoma City, OK 73111

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