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A Show at OKC's Civic Center Music Hall


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Oklahoma offers a variety of activities and entertainment for its visitors. The Music Hall offers a source of entertainment to people. It is located in the City of Oklahoma. The hall is the home of the Philharmonic Orchestra, the Ballet Oklahoma and the Canterbury Choral group.

The Philharmonic Orchestra

The Philharmonic Orchestra provides visitors with pop and classical music. The Ballet Oklahoma is a professional ballet company.

The Canterbury Choral group has a total of one hundred and forty-voice chorus entertaining visitors with masterworks in the 3 choral performance series. The Hall is also a home for Neederlander, Lyric Arts and Academy, Oklahoma Philharmonic, Oklahoma Repertory, and Oklahoma Theatre Company.

The 3 performance series are at the Prairie Dance Theatre, whereby performance occurs three times a year in the months of February, May, and November. There is the Musical Theater where Lyric Theater of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Opera and Opry is performed. There are varieties of activities offered in the Music Hall in Oklahoma. The Carpenter Square Theatre provides viewers with contemporary playwrights. The Black Liberated Arts provides viewers with information on the tradition of the African American.

Other Performances

The Civic Center Music Hall is operated together with the Rose State Arts Theatre. It serves more than 250 performances each in the six stages and more than 30,000 patrons annually. It is constructed in a stylish art deco where today the Oklahoma City's premier tales place in performing their arts. The Music Hall hosts musical arts theatre performances and celebrities like Bob Dylan.

There are fine arts events offered in the Hall. Comfortable seats with good visuals for people. When one comes to see a show or event at the Music Hall, parking is not usually a problem and it is located close to downtown eateries.

Tickets and More

For tickets of shows or events, one visits the Civics’ Center Music Hall box office. It is usually open from Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm.

The Hall's box office starts operating two hours before a show begins and provides its services throughout. Hudiburg Chevrolet box office at the Rose State College only operates two hours before a show begins and closes.

There is no acceptance of a refund ticket if refunded fees apply and taxes are applicable. If a show or event is canceled, refunds are done within 30 days. All patrons are supposed to have a ticket to all events regardless of their age and the sale of tickets is usually final.

Contact Information

Civic Center Music Hall
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

(405) 297-2264 or 405.297.2584

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