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The Oklahoma History Center is a history museum and a masterpiece of decades of the State of Oklahoma. It is located on a 7.3 hectares plot. The Oklahoma History Center museum is across the Governor's mansion in Oklahoma City.

The History Center was opened in 2005. Oklahoma Historical Society operates the museum. The museum preserves all history of Oklahoma to date.

Details About the Museum

The museum is opened from Monday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm. It does not operate on New Year’s Day, Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day. The museum accepts the public visiting on Tuesday to Saturday. It does not accept public visiting on Mondays and Sundays. Otherwise, the opening time for visiting is from 10am to 4:45 pm every day.

The Oklahoma museum is a division of the Oklahoma Historical Society. It supports and preserves the mission and history of the people of Oklahoma. It achieves this by collecting, interpreting and storing the people's history for everyone and the coming generations. The museum has the highest standards of collections care, exhibits, cultural presentations, educational programs and many more. It is a home for the offices of Oklahoma Historical Society and the State's Historic Preservation Office.

Exhibits to See

The museum is located near the Red River Valley. Red River Valley provides visitors with a walking tour that features vegetation and historical landforms. Outside the Oklahoma museum, there are oilfield exhibits. The oilfield exhibits contain drilling derricks, machinery of the oil exploration and a portable derrick.

The museum offers a unique preservation of history that features geology, commerce, culture, heritage and many more celebrates its mentors and volunteers on 7th of January. The museum invites the public on the 7th of January to learn about the mentor and volunteer program. The mentors and volunteers provide and support the organization's education sector. Special wedding events are also provided in the Oklahoma History Center.

It offers a unique setting for wedding events for stylish celebration and informal gatherings. Inside the Oklahoma History Center, there is the Devon Great Hall. The Hall offers a most striking and unique setting for all evening gatherings and events

Activities at the Museum

There are also inspiring and adventurous activities for visitors to engage in. There are fun things one can do when in Oklahoma Historical Center such as Indian heritage archives, military exhibits, space exploration, and cultural and family histories. They preserve the people's history and honor their originality.

There are historic theaters where visitors are able to view films, concerts, arts, and performance for events. The visitors can also view the architecture that is used in making films in the Oklahoma landmarks. There are also American Indian traditions that offer cultural centers in the Oklahoma museum. Visitors view the cultural displays for the Indian traditions. African American cultural history is also provided in the Oklahoma History Center.

The cultural centers preserve the Civil rights movement of the African American culture by showing the landmarks and historical towns that unite the African and American histories. The Oklahoma museum provides historical events in a unique way that provides a great view and attraction to the world's visitors.

The Oklahoma History Center Museum
800, Nazih Zuhdi Drive
Oklahoma City, OK


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