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Do you enjoy spending time in nature? Oklahoma City is home to several parks.  One of the best is the botanical gardens. The garden is located in downtown Oklahoma. It is a 17-acre piece of land and Oklahoma's city park. It is at the corner of Reno and Robinson on the southwest side. The Myriad Botanical Gardens consists of landscape surrounded by a sunken lake.

Features of the Gardens

The garden features the Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory, which is the primary feature of the Myriad Botanical Gardens. It also features the Meinders gardens, the Great lawn & Bandshell and it is a children's garden.

The Crystal Bridge features beautiful variety of plantings, a waterfall, and a sky bridge. This brings about astonishing views for the garden. You can access the Crystal Bridge through the first and the third level through an elevator in the south lobby and then the elevator returns one to the first level.

The Meinders garden is designed for weddings. It features beautiful trees, flowers, and a curving stone. The great lawn and band shell is the largest in the Myriad Botanical gardens. It is designed for outdoor activities. It features ornamental trees and beautiful landscapes. The garden suits public festivals, events, and outdoor weddings.

Educational Programs

The Myriad Botanical Gardens offers education programs for the youth and adults. It also is a home for art activities that are carried out throughout the year. The garden also hosts annual events such as the Oklahoma gardening school, the Crystal bridge bug out, Orchids in October, Creepy conservatory and Downtown in December.

There are education programs provided in the garden like rainforest ecology activity program. It is aimed at providing education on the conservation of the environment. There is the junior master gardener. A program for educating children. There is also Oklahoma gardening school that is usually held annually. Topics on trees and gardens are taught and they change the topics each year.

Gardening School

The Oklahoma gardening school is a seminar held for gardening topics. Speakers teach and educate the public on topics related to gardening. The Crystal bridge bug out is a family event that teaches children on importance of conserving the environment. They release thousands of ladybugs to the environment in the Crystal bridge garden.

Orchid in October is a three-day event aimed at celebrating orchids. This event aims at fundraising of the Myriad gardens foundation. The creepy conservatory features costume wearing. It is a creepy fest associated with creepy creatures in the garden. Downtown in December takes place inside the Crystal bridge garden and in the outdoor areas of the Myriad Botanical Garden.

The people of Oklahoma love the garden. It offers visitors with beautiful landscape features and outdoor activities for children, the youth and adults. The garden opens all days from 6am to 11pm and the water features open daily from 10am to 8pm.

The outdoor grounds of the Myriad Botanical garden are usually free. The Myriad gardens host family Easter fun activities. The Month of March is a special month for the Myriad Botanical gardens because they celebrate their 30th anniversary. The Myriad Botanical garden was opened in 1988. Near the Myriad Botanical Garden, there is a hotel known as Colcord hotel, a restaurant known as Vast and a museum known as American Banjo Museum.

Contact Information for the Gardens

Myriad Botanical Gardens
301 W. Reno
Oklahoma City OK 73102

(405) 445-7080

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