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A Fun Day for Kids and Adults Alike Awaits in OKC's Bricktown


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Not far from all the hotels of Oklahoma City's Downtown area is the entertainment district known as Bricktown. This area was originally a warehouse district that eventually fell into disrepair. But in recent years it has been revived as a popular spot with great restaurants, live entertainment, and even a canal where you can take a boat ride.

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Bricktown's Origins

While Bricktown is now a popular destination for both Oklahoma City residents and tourists, it wasn't always this way. The area was originally developed as a warehouse district for businesses operating in and around the downtown OKC area.  

Bricktown is the historic crossroads of commerce in Oklahoma City. Four railroad companies, the Santa Fe, Rock Island, the Frisco and the Katy, chugged into Oklahoma City spurring economic development in the area. The railroad shipped cotton, wheat, fruit, corn, cattle, horses and mules across the nation, helping to boost the farming industry in the state. After the discovery of the Oklahoma City Field, in 1928, oil was added to the list of export.Besides shipping out Oklahoma goods the rails also brought in goods which helped our farmers like farm equipment and machinery. Cars were added to the import list especially after Henry Ford opened his assembly plant in Oklahoma City.

As money began flowing into the city warehouses began springing up across town. The first building boom began in 1898 and lasted until 1903. With embellished doorways and arched windows these buildings were more ornate than a normal warehouse. The second wave of warehouse construction in Bricktown lasted from 1903 until 1911, followed by a third generation of buildings which looked more like the warehouses we see today, big, tall buildings with long rows of windows and graphic signs. While the styles of the buildings changed from 1898 to 1930 they all had one thing in common, the red brick. (

Things to Do in Bricktown

The days of the big industrial warehouses is gone. Now you can spend hours wandering around the shops and along the canal. You can even catch an Oklahoma City Dodgers baseball game at the stadium.  

Restaurants and Bars

One of the most popular reasons to visit this area is the large number of restaurants and bars in this relatively small area. Whether you're looking for family-oriented entertainment, or something more adult, you've got lots of options.

Michael Murphey's is a great spot if you enjoy live music. Here you'll find a combination of a dueling piano bar and a comedy club.  The music is chosen by guests, and the performances are top notch. All this is combined with a fun atmosphere that makes any night out here memorable.

Mickey Mantle's steakhouse is THE place to get a great steak in the Bricktown area. Named after one of Oklahoma's most famous residents and one of Major League Baseball's all-time greats Mickey Mantle's knows steaks. And they have a wide variety of other options for those who aren't looking for red meat.

Just be sure if you DO go out in Bricktown you drink responsibly. Otherwise you might need to contact a Bricktown OK criminal lawyer.

The Bricktown Canal

the Bricktown Canal Taxi is located at 111 S Mickey Mantle Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73104

You might not expect to find a canal running through Downtown Oklahoma City, but this is a great way to see the area. The Bricktown Water Taxi will take you on a slow cruise along the entire length of the canal. This is a great trip for kids as they can get a birds eye view of all the action along the canal.

Tickets to the taxi run $11 for adults and $8.50 for kids from 6-12 (kids 5 and under are only $3.50). They are good for an entire day and you can hop on and off the taxi as many times as you like throughout the course of the day.

Catch an Oklahoma City Dodgers Game

The Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark is located in the heart of this area. Here you can catch an Oklahoma City Dodgers game. This is a great activity for adults and children alike. The stadium is literally just a couple minutes walk from all of the great restaurants and activities of this area.  

The baseball season runs from early April through early October. For tickets, you can visit the OKC Dodgers website.

For more information on this area or to hire a Bricktown Oklahoma criminal defense attorney, give us a call today.