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Are you visiting the Oklahoma City Area and looking for things to do? If you enjoy World War II history then you need to check out the 45th Infantry Division Museum

The museum was a National Guard unit created by men from Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Oklahoma. The War Department in September 1940 called the 45th Infantry Division for federal service. The men were trained for war with the German and Japan military. The 45th Infantry served at World War II in Italy, Germany, and France. The museum's symbol is a thunderbird. People also call the 45th Infantry Division the Thunderbird Division.

The 45th Infantry Division Museum is at the Northeast 36th Street of Martin Luther King Avenue and South of Remington Park and the Oklahoma City Zoo. It is the largest operated military facility museum with the history of the military of Oklahoma and the 45th Infantry Division military.

Admissions Information

Admission to the museum is free. They accept donations from the public. You can take a visit to the museum from Tuesday to Friday from 9am to 4:15pm, on Saturday from 10am to 4:15pm and Sunday from 1pm to 4:15pm. The museum is designed to be self-guided for tours. The museum has a 15-acre park and a 27,000 square feet exhibit space.

The museum provides visitors with variety of views that are in plenty for a visit.

For visits at the 45th Infantry Division Museum with ten people or more, contacting the museum and requesting for a visit is done. The contact should be done one week before the visit in order for the museum to make reservations.

For groups of children visiting the museum under the age of 12, an adult must accompany them. One adult should accompany four children. For children aged 13 to 17 years an adult should accompany 6 children. The museum's policies are strictly followed.

Exhibits and Activities

The museum has the largest collection of firearms. It preserves and displays memorabilia regarding the military history of the 45th Infantry Division and Oklahoma State. There are some permanent exhibits found at the museum like the Reaves Weapons collection. The Reaves Weapons collection displays preserved firearms and artifacts used in the American Revolution War.

Another permanent exhibit is the Bill Maudlin Cartoon collection consisting of drawings of cartoons by Bill Maudlin. There is also the Commanders Hall exhibit that consists of pictures of commanders of the 45th Infantry from 1923 to 1968.

The museum is free to all public and does not operate on Mondays. Inside the museum is a store featuring books, gifts, and items relating to the military history of Oklahoma. The museum provides its visitors with education that aims at enhancing their appreciation to the State of Oklahoma and to the soldiers of Oklahoma who participate in protecting the city of Oklahoma. The visitors are left with a visual impact on Oklahoma's participation in the American history.

The State of Oklahoma through the military department and the 45th Infantry Division Association fund the museum. The museum is also funded by patrons through donations and gifts which they highly appreciate. The donation and gifts are sources of income for the 45th Infantry Division Museum.

Address & Directions

2145, Northeast 36th Street
Oklahoma City, OK, 73111-5396

(405) 424-5313

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