Man Arrested in Oklahoma City Internet Sex Crime Sting

Internet sex crimes and sex crimes assisted by electronic technology are perhaps the fastest sex offenses in the nation. Perhaps the seeming anonymity of the internet, cell phones, and electronic devices make it easier for perpetrators to push--and exceed--the boundaries of the law. The news media are constantly presenting stories of men and women accused of using computers and mobile devices to commit crimes such as solicitation of a minor, distributing obscene materials to a minor, possession or distribution of child pornography, and more. However, it is important for would-be sex offenders to remember that electronic devices are not as anonymous as they may seem, and in fact, the person with whom an online predator is chatting or exchanging images may not be a potential victim at all--it may be a police investigator conducting a sting operation designed to net online sex offenders.

Late last month, for example, a Texas man was arrested after travelling to Oklahoma City in an attempt to meet an 8-year-old girl for a sexual encounter. Scott Froedge, 34, is accused of arranging a meeting with the girl through electronic devices and social media networks. However, when Froedge arrived at the arranged meeting place in the 1500 block of Northwest Expressway, he was arrested by Oklahoma City police on a complaint of child sexual exploitation. Froedge soon discovered that the "girl" with whom he had been communicating online was a fictional invention of Oklahoma City police investigators.

Froedge, who was booked into Oklahoma County jail and held on $24,000 bond, is a registered sex offender in Texas, convicted of possession of child pornography in 2002.

Violations of the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act include actions which use computers, computer networks, the internet, and digital or electronic devices including cell phones to commit a crime. Commonly prosecuted computer sex crimes include:

  • Possession or distribution of child pornography
  • Soliciting minors online
  • Sexting

Conviction of computer sex crimes in Oklahoma carry serious consequences, including significant prison sentences and mandatory registration as an Oklahoma Sex Offender. As a convicted sex offender, a person is saddled with numerous restrictions of rights, liberties, and privileges. He or she may be subject to GPS ankle monitoring, housing limitations, and employment restrictions. Being accused of a sex offense should never be taken lightly. The ramifications of an accusation, arrest, and possible conviction can last a lifetime. Hiring a skilled defense attorney is imperative for anyone facing criminal charges. To find out more about computer sex crimes in Oklahoma, or to find an Oklahoma internet sex crimes defense lawyer, please visit /practice-areas/internet-sex-crimes.

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