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New Oklahoma Laws Intended to Ease Human Trafficking


Typically, the bills passed by the Oklahoma legislature and signed..

Supreme Court Decision Could Impact the Shape of Oklahoma


In 1901, in advance of Oklahoma statehood, Congress announced that..

Despite Medical Marijuana License, Oklahoma Woman Charged with Drug Possession


An Adair County mother has been charged with illegal possession of..

Putnam City West Teens Accused in Locker Room Assault


Recent cases have revealed that locker room antics once perceived ..

Former State Senator Sentenced to 15 Years for Child Sex Trafficking


A federal judge sentenced former Oklahoma senator Ralph Shortey to..

Oklahoma Cities Adjust Ordinances after Medical Marijuana Legalization


After the passing of State Question 788, the law allowing medical ..

Oklahoma Dept. of Corrections Denies Death Penalty Protocol "Deadline"


Oklahoma, the state that invented lethal injection, continues to b..

Lincoln County Abuse Case Has Some Calling for Home School Reform


The case of a 15-year-old boy rescued from a family farm near Meek..

Oklahoma Health Department Seeks Legal Advice after Amending Medical Marijuana Rules


When Oklahomans passed State Question 788 last month, they left th..

New Oklahoma Liquor Laws to Take Effect in October


It's summertime in Oklahoma. The temperatures are soaring and peop..

Oklahoma Man Convicted of Cyberstalking in Federal Court


A 46-year old Crescent man was convicted in federal court last wee..

Oklahoma Legislators Continue to Eye Criminal Justice Reform


With Oklahoma prisons overcrowded, and with the state at the top o..

Top 10 Reasons to Expunge Your Criminal Record


If you have a criminal record, wouldn't you want it to go away? Wo..

Oklahoma Soon to Lead the Nation in Incarceration Rate


As Oklahoma teachers descend upon the state Capitol this week to p..

Domestic Call Ends in Multiple Charges for Man Accused in Standoff


Nicoma Park police and Oklahoma County sheriff's deputies respondi..

Law Enforcement as First Responders in Mental Health Crisis


On December 14, 2012, 20-year-old Adam Lanza murdered his mother b..

Weatherford Resident with al Quaeda Ties Attended Chickasha Flight School


A Saudi national living in Weatherford was indicted last week on c..

Oklahoma City Man Arrested for Child Pornography Twice in Two Years


Canadian County Sheriff's Deputies arrested an Oklahoma City man o..

Ex-Pharmacist Appeals Murder Conviction in Federal Court


On May 19, 2009, two masked intruders attempted to rob the Reliabl..

ACLU Seeks Justice for Mom Serving 30 Years for "Failure to Protect"


Life wasn't going well for Tolando Hall or her children in 2004. H..

Tulsa Man "Wins" Appeal, but Gets Longer Sentence as a Result


It was a short-lived victory for a Tulsa County man convicted of r..

Yukon High School Teacher Charged After Allegations of Sex with Student


Another Oklahoma teacher has been arrested and charged with a sex ..

Midwest City Man Convicted in 1997 Cold Case Murder


Twenty years ago, 8-year-old Kirsten Hatfield disappeared in the m..

Sports Marketing Agent Pleads Guilty to Tax Fraud


A sports marketing agent from Edmond, Oklahoma, has pleaded guilty..

Canadian County Man Accused of Aggravated Possession of Child Pornography


Acting on a tip received by the National Center for Missing and Ex..

Stillwater Bail Bonds Agent Arrested for Murder


A Stillwater bail agent who claimed she shot a client in self defe..

Tulsa Massage Parlor Owner Accused of Human Trafficking


A Tulsa massage parlor owner has been arrested on human traffickin..

State Reaches Settlement with Former Death Row Inmate


A former Oklahoma death row inmate whose conviction was later over..

No Restrictions on Oklahoma Sex Offender Moving Next Door to Victim


Oklahoma places a lot of residency restrictions on convicted sex o..

Norman Father Arrested in Daughter's Shooting Death


Just before dawn on June 29, a Norman man called 9-1-1 to report t..

Garvin County Man Sentenced for Sexually Abusing Neighbor


A man convicted in February of sexually assaulting a 5-year-old ne..

Criminal Appeals Court Upholds Death Sentence for Triple-Murderer


For the second time, the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals has af..

Poorly written bill leaves lawsuit loophole; Governor signs anyway


When drafting legislation, it is imperative that language is clear..

Man Exonerated in Rape Case Awarded Compensation


An Oklahoma man who was exonerated of rape after spending 13 years..

Norman Oklahoma Catholic Charities Employee Charged with Embezzlement


A Norman (/norman-oklahoma-criminal-defense-attorney) woman has be..

Judge to Allow Evidence of Prior "Bad Acts" in Cold Case Murder Trial


On May 14, 1997, a Midwest City second-grader went missing from he..

Oklahoma Law Enforcement Fights Against Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform


Oklahoma has permissive civil asset forfeiture policies, which all..

Church Employee under Investigation for Sexual Abuse


The theater program director of an Oklahoma City church is under c..

After Token Nod to "Smart on Crime Legislation," OK Attempts to Tighten the Reins


It is always interesting to see what the Oklahoma legislature has ..

ICAC Investigation Leads to Arrest of Edmond Man


An investigation by a metro area Internet Crimes Against Children ..

How police convince you to give up your right to silence


"You have the right to remain silent. If you give up the right to ..

OKC Teen Accused of Molesting Children


A 17-year-old Oklahoma City boy was booked into the Oklahoma Count..

Bristow Teacher Resigns Before Second Degree Rape Arrest


A Bristow High School English teacher accused of having a sexual r..

Oklahoma Appeals Court Orders Resentencing of Juveniles Sentenced to Life without Parole


In a split decision, the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals has or..

Oklahoma Justice Reform Task Force Considers "85 Percent Crime" Modification


A governor's task force to develop recommendations for reducing Ok..

Do I really have the right to remain silent?


Probably the biggest mistake anyone makes in a criminal case is ta..

What is the difference between a deferred sentence and a suspended sentence?


When I visit with prospective clients during a free initial consul..

Man Convicted in Murder of Pregnant Craigslist Prostitute


A jury's verdict brought an end to a sordid case that began on Dec..

Manhunt Continues for Wellston Oklahoma Murder Suspect


A man accused of child sexual abuse involving a 15-year-old girl h..

Norman Man Pleads Guilty in Toddler Son's Death


A Norman father who left three small children unsupervised has ple..

Oklahoma Mother, Daughter Arrested for Incest


Oklahoma Department of Human Services workers investigating a chil..

Adult Charges for Vinita, OK Teen who Admitted to Killing Stepmother


On August 22, a 14-year-old boy walked into a Vinita police statio..

Oklahoma Appeals Court Overturns Conviction of Peaceful Protester


The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals overturned two convictions ..

Supreme Court Ruling Requires Consent or a Warrant for DUI Blood Tests


A United States Supreme Court ruling changes the ability of law en..

OSU Baseball Recruit Charged with Sexually Assaulting Children


A teenager from Plano, Texas, who committed to playing baseball at..

Norman Sex Offender Sues HOA over Residency Restrictions


An Oklahoman man convicted of secretly recording women in his bath..

Enid Man Charged in Teen's Hit-and-Run Death


An Enid man has been arrested in connection with an early morning ..

Oklahomans Face Murder Charges in Fatal DUI Accidents


Often, a person who causes a fatal DUI accident in Oklahoma will b..

OKC Police Sergeant Disciplined for False Statements in Drug Case


Federal prosecutors dropped the case against an alleged drug deale..

Can I get an assault charge cleared from my record?


Q: When I was in college, I was out with friends and got into a fi..

Muskogee County Jail Employee Charged with Inmate Rape


A 22-year-old Muskogee County Jail employee was dismissed in Janua..

Lost Toddler Case Leads Logan County Deputies to $100,000 Marijuana Grow


It can be surprising how fast toddlers are, and how quickly curiou..

Edmond Man Convicted in Kenyan Sex Crime Case Files Appeal


It was not a matter of if, but when. The attorney for Matthew Lane..

Former Deputy Charged with Stealing from Pushmataha County Jail Inmates


In my most recent article for the Huffington Post, we examined how..

OKC Convenience Store Owner Sentenced for Food Stamp Fraud


After a jury found him guilty of defrauding the federal food stamp..

Can I get a DUI cleared from my record?


One of the most common types of arrest in Oklahoma is a DUI arrest..

Former OK Senator Cites Gambling as Root of Embezzlement


A former Oklahoma state senator was sentenced last week in federal..

Oklahoma Employee of Oil Field Company Sentenced for Embezzlement


After pleading guilty last year to counts of wire fraud and tax fr..

OKC Man Charged after Allegedly Pointing a Gun at Children


"Good fences make good neighbors," says poet Robert Frost in "The ..

Guthrie High School Child Porn Investigation Illustrates Sexting Dangers


An investigation into child pornography at Guthrie High School has..

Can I Clear an "85 Percent Crime" from My Record?


If you have been convicted of a crime, the lingering criminal reco..

OKC Police Participate in Offender Watch Sex Offender Lookup


Oklahoma City police announced last week that the department will ..

How do I get a dismissed charge off my record?


Many people are surprised to find out that even if charges against..

Nervous Driver Leads to I-44 Drug Bust


Law enforcement officers have to have probable cause to make a tra..

Oklahoma Drug Offenders Receive Presidential Commutation


The Obama administration has been among the harshest critics of ma..

Can I Get Sex Offender Registration Expunged?


On our website, we have discussed expungement extensively: What is..

Special Delivery: Drugs in the Mail


A Yukon man was arrested last week after a package of drugs was de..

Federal Judge Refuses to Disqualify Self from Missionary's Rape Case


In June, a former missionary at a Kenyan orphanage was convicted o..

Oklahoma Domestic Violence Laws


Oklahoma ranks high in the rate of domestic violence, and it has t..

Oklahoma Expungement Myths


If your criminal history is not spotless, the opportunity to clear..

Edmond Man Sentenced after Pleading Guilty to 72 Sex Crime Counts


An Edmond, Oklahoma man accused of having sex with a 14-year-old b..

Oklahoma Man Re-Sentenced After Sex with Teen Who Lied About Age


While sex offender laws and sex offender registration requirements..

Can a Probation Violation Ruin My Expungement?


One of the most common types of expungement in Oklahoma is the exp..

Google+ Account Leads to Norman Coach's Child Porn Arrest


Last summer, we wrote about privacy issues related to the use of G..

Elderly Pastor Accused of Molesting 7-Year-Old Girl


An 82-year-old Caddo County pastor is in jail after being accused..

Robbery Charge Turns to Murder Charge When Victim Has Stroke


Two Oklahoma City men suspected in a string of car wash robberies ..

Juvenile Detention Center Employee Accused of Raping Teen


A juvenile detention center employee has been arrested for rape af..

How Do I Get a Felony Expunged in Oklahoma?


Under Oklahoma law, there are ways to get both misdemeanors and fe..

OKC Man Accused of Sex Tourism Denied Bond Change Request


An Oklahoma City man accused of traveling to Peru and Thailand to ..

Undercover Sex Chat Leads to OKC Man's Arrest


If you have been paying attention to the local news lately, you wi..

Youth Minister Accused of Solicting Minors


A Young Adult Pastor with Quail Springs Baptist Church in Oklahoma..

Woman Claims She Was Forced into Prostitution; One Arrested for Human Trafficking


Police have arrested an Oklahoma City woman on a human trafficking..

Oklahoma City Man Accused of Lewd Acts with Two Teens


An Oklahoma City man is accused of sexually assaulting a friend's ..

Juvenile Sex Crimes in Oklahoma


Juvenile Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer Having a child accused of ..

Youthful Offender Record Expungement


If you have a criminal record from acts committed when you were a ..

If There is No Actual Minor, How Can I Be Charged?


Earlier this month, Canadian County Sheriff's deputies arrested a ..

Yukon Man Charged with Child Porn, Online Solicitation of a Minor


A 55-year-old Yukon man has been charged in Canadian County Distri..

Oklahoma Expungement: Which Type is Right for You?


If you have an arrest record or criminal court record, you likely ..

Oklahoma Mom Arrested for Using a Bible to Smuggle Drugs to Son in Jail


Some moms will do anything for their little bundles of joy--even w..

Ex-Coach Pleads Guilty in Second Degree Rape Case


Last summer, we discussed the case (http://www.oklahomalegalgroup...

Teen Sentenced in Norman Oklahoma High School Rape Case


An 18-year-old former Norman High School student accused of rape (..

Appeal Rejected for Oklahoma Man Convicted of Killing His Own Grandmother


The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals upheld the conviction of a ..

Justice Safety Valve Act to Become Law


Earlier this year, we wrote about a proposed bill that could have ..

Edmond Man Charged with Murder in Fatal Wrong-Way Accident


A wrong-way collision on the Kilpatrick Turnpike in early April ki..

FBI Arrests Lindsay Man on Federal Child Porn Charges


Child pornography is one of the many crimes that can be charged as..

Suspected Tulsa University Peeping Tom Arrested


Technology has changed the way we do a lot of things: how people c..

Edmond Police Discover "Grow House" with 300 Marijuana Plants


When OG&E shut off electricity to a home she was renting out, ..

Oklahoma Woman Charged with Manslaughter in Domestic Shooting


A Tulsa woman accused of fatally shooting her husband during a dom..

OKC Mom Accused of Leaving Children Alone while Clubbing


An Oklahoma City mother is charged with child neglect after she al..

Oklahoma Violent Crime Offender Registration


Practically everyone knows about the sex offender registry, a list..

Mental Health Facility Operator Sentenced in Fraud Case


A licensed professional counselor and former operator of an Oklaho..

Deadly Assault: Manslaughter or Murder?


Bar fights are nothing unusual. In excess, alcohol lessens inhibit..

How Do I Expunge a VPO in Oklahoma?


Having a victim protective order (VPO) (/oklahoma-criminal-defense..

Oklahoma Coach Found Dead after Statutory Rape Charge


There may be no other criminal charge that has such a swift and lo..

Woefully Understaffed Dept. of Corrections Faces Additional Cuts


Overcrowded, underfunded, and understaffed: these are among the to..

Four Oklahoma High School Students Accused of Statutory Rape


Three Westmoore High School students have been arrested and a thir..

OKC Man with Child Abuse Conviction Arrested in Infant Death


An Oklahoma City man previously convicted of seriously injuring a ..

Lack of Evidence Leads to Acquittal in Murder Case


After spending 680 days in jail awaiting trial on murder and robbe..

What is Credit Card Skimming?


In Edmond last week, news broke that several area gas stations had..

Sentencing Overkill for Drug Crimes in Oklahoma


With it's location making it a thoroughfare for drug trafficking (..

I-40 Traffic Stop Yields 77 Pounds of Cocaine in Oklahoma


Canadian County Sheriff's deputies conducting a traffic stop along..

OKC Man Accepts Plea to Avoid Death Penalty


On September 6, 2011, neighbors of Paula Martin called police to r..

Can a Felony Expungement Restore My Gun Rights in Oklahoma?


Under both state and federal law, convicted felons are prohibited ..

Failure to Protect: Oklahoma Woman Sentenced After Toddler's Child Abuse Death


Recently, the Huffington Post published my article, "'Failure to P..

Suspended v. Deferred: What's the Difference?


For most people charged with a crime, a dismissal of the charges w..

Mom Charged with Child Neglect after Family Found Living in Tents


An Oklahoma woman was arrested in Pennsylvania after an investigat..

OSU Running Back Dismissed Amid Domestic Violence Allegations


Football and domestic violence go hand in hand in the media these ..

Lawton Woman Sentenced for Exploitation of Elderly Father


A Lawton woman who pleaded guilty earlier this year to stealing fr..

Man Sentenced for Road Rage Murder


What began as aggressive driving on the Kilpatrick Turnpike led to..

If Juvenile Records are Sealed, Why Do I Need an Expungement?


If you have a juvenile criminal record, you may believe that your ..

Passed Out OKC Mom Arrested for Child Endangerment, APC


An Oklahoma City mother is behind bars after police found her pass..

Tulsa Man Sentenced for Aggravated Possession of Child Pornography


Facing the possibility of life in prison, a Tulsa man was sentence..

OHP Trooper Formally Charged in Rape Case


A former Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper suspended after a July ra..

Changes to Oklahoma Expungement Law Will Soon Take Effect


In approximately two weeks, the changes to Oklahoma's expungement ..

Oklahoma Teen Accused of Raping 11-Year-Old


An 18-year-old Bartlesville man has been jailed on a complaint of ..

Psychiatric Unit Refuses Patient Over Safety Concerns


On April 9, a 16-year-old boy walked into his high school armed wi..

Mid-Del Color Guard Coach Arrested for Statutory Rape


The arrest of a young school employee serves as a reminder that Ok..

Tulsa Student Charged with Murder in Shaken Baby Case


A 22-year-old student faces life behind bars after being charged w..

Can I get my federal record expunged?


In previous expungement articles, we have dealt only with Oklahoma..

Cee Lo Green: It's Not Rape if You Don't Remember


Sometimes, it seems as if Twitter is nothing more than a platform ..

Appeals Court Rejects Appeal in Tulsa High Rise Death


Amber Hilberling was seven months pregnant when she pushed her hus..

Suspect Posthumously Identified in McClain County Murder


In early April, a young man returning home from work discovered a ..

Understanding Female Sex Offenders


In Oklahoma, there are at least four current cases in the media he..

Do Sex Offender Registries Protect the Public?


A year ago, Attorney General Eric Holder publicly called mandatory..

Getting a Misdemeanor Off Your Record


Oklahoma law defines a felony as "a crime which is, or may be, pun..

Oklahoma is the 10th most violent state in the U.S. Its most violent city may surprise you.


In 1930, the FBI began collecting and compiling data about crime i..

Edmond Sex Offender Cites 'Starkey' in Failure to Register Arrest


Edmond police responding to a public intoxication call discovered ..

Tulsa Man Pleads Guilty in Federal Child Porn Case


In January, an investigation by the FBI's Innocent Images project ..

Changes to Oklahoma Expungement Law Coming this Fall


An expungement is the process of getting a criminal record sealed ..

Determining Sex Offender Risk Level in Oklahoma


There is a public misconception that most sex offenders are likely..

Tulsa Man Gets Four Life Sentences in Attack on Elderly Couple


On March 13, 2012, Bob and Nancy Strait celebrated their 65th wedd..

Man Gets Death Penalty in Pregnant Wife's Murder-for-Hire


On January 11, 2012, a neighbor noticed a two small children, aged..

Man Arrested for Hit and Run Death in OKC


Earlier this week, a 79-year-old man was struck and killed in a hi..

How Long Do I Have to Wait to Clear My Record?


If you have an arrest record or a criminal record, you know firsth..

Teen Who Shot into Crowd Near Thunder Alley in OKC Sentenced


On May 21, 2012, following an Oklahoma City Thunder playoff game a..

Oklahoma High School Teacher Charged with Rape


Another former high school coach in Oklahoma has been charged with..

Oklahoma Woman Sentenced in Federal Child Porn Case


Certainly, there are stereotypes about the kinds of people who com..

Tulsa Woman Sentenced to More than 40 Years in Fatal Hit and Run


On February 12, 2012, an intoxicated woman was driving with two ch..

Homeland Security Investigation Leads to Child Porn Arrest for OKC Man


A Department of Homeland Security investigation looking into the a..

Oklahoma Appeals Court Upholds Life Sentence in Child Abuse Death


Just over a year ago, we wrote of the conviction of Antwoine Rico ..

Oklahoma City Doctor Accused of Sexually Assaulting Patients


Earlier this month, the criminal case was dismissed against an Edm..

OKC Search Warrant Leads to Drug Possession, Child Endangerment Arrests


Police serving a search warrant at an Oklahoma City home allegedly..

Trucker in Oklahoma Accused of Keeping Sex Slaves


A man has been charged with federal crimes after he was accused of..

Two DHS Workers Criminally Charged in Child Neglect Case


The Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) is under fire once..

Life for Shoplifting: Supreme Court Rejects Appeal


In Oklahoma, when we are talking about ridiculously long prison te..

Can I Get a Felony Expunged in the State of Oklahoma?


There are a lot of misconceptions about record expungement. All of..

Edmond Doctor in Sexual Battery Case Surrenders License


An Edmond doctor who was accused of sexual battery (/sexual-batter..

Understanding Federal Probation


In an Oklahoma criminal case, certain defendants may receive proba..

Altercation over Noise Complaint Leads to Murder in Norman


On February 15, a young woman knocked on the door of a noisy neigh..

Junior High Basketball Coach Accused of Sexual Assault


Late last month, a girls' basketball coach at Brinks Junior High i..

Woman Charged after 3rd Newborn Tests Positive for Meth


A woman whose newborn son died in August 2012 was charged with chi..

Expungement App Helps Clear Juvenile Records


Need to clear your juvenile record? There's an app for that . . . ..

Sunday School Teacher Charged with Downloading Child Porn


A 72-year-old Sunday school teacher was arrested in Guthrie, Oklah..

Legal Pot Has Little Effect on Marijuana Traffic in Oklahoma


Oklahoma is one of seven states that shares a border with Colorado..

OKC Man Arrested after Showing Child Porn to Friend


For most people, viewing pornography is a private affair, or one s..

Legislator Proposes Bill to Legalize Marijuana in Oklahoma


Oklahoma state senator Constance Johnson, D-Forest Park, has filed..

Oklahoma Women's Prison Ranks High in Prison Rape


While the Oklahoma legislature does not seem to think there is a p..

When Will My Oklahoma DUI Fall off My Record?


If you have a misdemeanor conviction on your criminal record, you ..

Legal Pot is Not OK in Oklahoma


Earlier this week, Colorado officially lifted its ban on recreatio..

Oklahoma Death Row Inmate Granted Second Appeal


An Oklahoma death row inmate accused of killing a Putnam City Scho..

Oklahoma Judge Reduces Life Sentence in 'Bicycle Bob' Murder Case


Last week, Oklahoma County District Judge Jerry Bass reduced the l..

Misdemeanor Embezzlement Pleas for Bartlesville City Employees


In October, nine employees with the City of Bartlesville water dep..

My Case Was Dismissed--Why Do I Still Have a Record?


A defendant's optimal resolution to a criminal case is generally a..

Man Gets Second Appeal of Oklahoma City Murder Conviction


A man convicted twice for the 1985 murder of an Oklahoma City poli..

Bad Santa or Naughty Elf?


Late last month, a mall Santa was accused of pinching the..

Parents Found Guilty in 'To Train up a Child' Death


Parents Found Guilty in 'To Train up a Child' Death Late last mon..

Oklahoma Appeals Court Vacates Murder Conviction after 9 Years


Four years after the 2001 murder of a newspaper editor on Hallowee..

Former Oklahoma State Rep. out on Bond Pending Appeal on Bribery Conviction


Last week, jurors convicted former Oklahoma state Representative R..

Yukon Man Accused of Possessing Nearly 35,000 Child Porn Images


Late last month, Canadian County Sheriff's deputies working with t..

Home Invasion Murder Trial Delayed


The trial of a man accused of murder when his accomplice was kille..

Understanding a Motion to Accelerate a Deferred Sentence


For some defendants in criminal cases, a deferred sentence is a wa..

OKC Man Convicted of Manslaughter, Not Murder, after Mistrial


In March 2012, a jury in Oklahoma County convicted Billy Michael T..

Understanding a Deferred Sentence Expungement


Jail or prison is not always the best measure of justice, particul..

Toddler Son of Former OU Standout Adrian Peterson Killed in Child Abuse


Only a few months after learning that he is the father of a 2-year..

Human Trafficking Continues to be a Problem


This summer, the FBI and federal (http://www.oklahomalegalgroup.co..

Not All is Fair in Love and War, Even Among Consenting Adults


They say that all is fair in love and war, and that what consentin..

Understanding White Collar Crimes: Fraud


Fraud, at its simple definition, is deception. It is a lie, a misr..

Suspect in Newlywed Cliff Death Released Pending Trial


Jordan Linn Graham, the 22-year-old woman accused of pushing her n..

Clearing Your OSBI Record


If you are given a deferred sentence in Oklahoma, you may have you..

Federal Charges for Women Accused of OKCPS Fraud Scheme


No doubt about it, the state of education in the United States is ..

A Happy Ending for Oklahoma Man After False Rape Accusations


In June, an Oklahoma judge awarded custody of a 6-year-old girl to..

The Insanity Defense in Oklahoma


Last week, an Oklahoma City District Court judge found a man accus..

Missing Children and Human Trafficking in Oklahoma


A recent local news story revealed that as many as 78 missing chil..

What is the Difference Between Expungement and Pardon?


When you have a criminal conviction, the record of your offense do..

Suspicious Activity at Oklahoma Meat Processing Facility Leads to Meth Arrests


Harrah police became suspicious of the activity going on behind cl..

Collateral Consequences of Felony Conviction


Oklahoma criminal offenses are divided into two categories: misdem..

Parole Hearing Granted to Inmate Convicted of Murder at 13


When he was only 13 years old, Jesil Wilson was present at the sce..

Federal Appeals Court Rejects Oklahoma Man's Death Row Appeal


An Oklahoma man sentenced to death row in the murder-for-hire deat..

Running Errands Can Lead to Criminal Charges


Everyone knows not to leave a child alone in a car on a hot day. E..

Judge Rejects Affidavit Recanting Rape Testimony


A man convicted of raping his grandson in 2004 has suffered a setb..

4 Reasons You Need an Attorney for Your Oklahoma Expungement


If your criminal record is keeping you from getting a good job, pr..

Diversion Programs Offer Alternative to Prison


When facing criminal conviction, the prospect of spending years in..

Determining Death Penalty Prosecution in Oklahoma


Ariel Castro has made a name for himself as the perpetrator of a h..

Jenks Teen to be Tried as Youthful Offender in Murder Case


A Tulsa County Special Judge has ruled that a teen accused of firs..

Oklahoma Judge Vacates Own Sentence for Sex Offender


For most people, getting a sentence vacated is possible only after..

8-Year-Old Testifies Against Mom in OKC Child Abuse Murder Case


An 8-year-old boy testified against his mother at her murder trial..

Oklahoma Expungement FAQs


Expungements allow those arrested, charged, or convicted of certai..

Supreme Court Declines Review of Oklahoma Pseudoephedrine Ruling


Last week, the United States Supreme Court declined to review Okla..

Rape Conviction Appealed after Recanted Testimony


An Oklahoma City man who testified that he was raped by his grandf..

Woman Accused of Embezzling from YWCA Oklahoma City


The YWCA Oklahoma City is an organization whose mission is to help..

Having a DUI Expunged from Your Record in Oklahoma


A conviction for driving under the influence creates a criminal re..

Federal Appeals Court Evaluating Oklahoma Cases


In state criminal cases, the first course of appeal is with the Ok..

Oklahoma Appeals Court Affirms Life Sentence in Child Abuse Death


The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals last week affirmed the life..

Oklahoma Child Abuse and Neglect: Criminal Intent or Lack of Resources?


In December 2012, the United States Department of Health and Human..

Supreme Court Upholds Death Penalty for Oklahoma Man


The United States Supreme Court rejected without comment the appea..

Is Your Criminal Record Holding You Back?


You have served your time. Your probation is over, and your case i..

Appeals Court Upholds Death Penalty for Ponca City Man


The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the death sentence g..

Plea Agreement Reached in Oklahoma Child Abuse Death


Prosecutors and defense attorneys reached a plea agreement in the ..

Oklahoma Woman Convicted in High Rise Death Plans Appeal


Last week a Tulsa County jury convicted Amber Hilberling, 23, of s..

11 Year Old Accused of Raping Sister in Oklahoma City


An 11-year-old boy and his mother were both arrested in Oklahoma C..

Clearing Your Record after a Deferred Sentence


Many Oklahomans who have been convicted of past offenses are plagu..

Oklahoma Sex Crimes in the News


They say that March "comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb..

Federal Appeals Court Overturns Oklahoma City Man's Death Sentence


An Oklahoma man was sentenced to life in prison last month after a..

Man Sues Oklahoma Dept. of Corrections for Wrongful Imprisonment


When most people think of post-conviction relief, they think of th..

Oklahoma Toddler Burned in Grandmother's Meth Lab


The typical grandmother bakes cookies for her grandchildren, but a..

Judge Refuses to Lessen Sentence in Oklahoma City Officer Beating Case


The brutal beating of Officer Chad Peery outside an Oklahoma City ..

More Than a Pound of Meth Discovered in Oklahoma City Disturbance Call


Police investigating a disturbance call early on New Year's Day di..

Felons Arrested after Buying Gun at Oklahoma Gun Show


Last week, in response to the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary an..

Oklahoma Child Pornography Penalties


An Oklahoma airman was found guilty of child pornography charges a..

Sex Offender Arrested for Child Porn and Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act Violation


A registered Oklahoma sex offender was arrested last week in McCur..

Man Arrested in Oklahoma City Internet Sex Crime Sting


Internet sex crimes (http://www.oklahomalegalgroup.com/internet-se..

Oklahoma New 2012 Sex Offender Laws


There will be a few more laws regulating the lives of convicted se..

Oklahoma Child Abuse Cases Rarely Clear-Cut


Child abuse cases are among the most vigorously prosecuted crimes ..

Elderly Oklahoma City Man Sentenced in Ponzi Scheme


An eighty-year-old Oklahoma City man was sentenced last week after..

Criminal Appeals in Oklahoma


Both an Oklahoma legislator and the House of Representatives and i..

Right to Speedy Trial Waived in Oklahoma Child Porn Case


The Oklahoma sex crimes defense attorney (http://www.oklahomalegal..