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Jury Trial Acquittal: First Degree Rape
Saturday, February 10, 2018
Marsy's Law: The Crime Victim's Bill of Rights (SQ 794)
Saturday, January 20, 2018
Felony Stalking vs. Misdemeanor Stalking
Saturday, December 30, 2017
The Law Deans: Katherine S. Broderick, University of the District of Columbia School of Law
Wednesday, December 06, 2017
The Law Deans: William M. Treanor, Georgetown Law
Tuesday, November 21, 2017
The Law Deans: Margaret Raymond, University of Wisconsin Law School
Saturday, September 30, 2017
The Law Deans: Garry Jenkins, University of Minnesota Law School
Monday, September 18, 2017
Jury Trial Acquittal: Lewd Proposals to a Child Under 16
Wednesday, August 30, 2017
The Law Deans: Mark C. Gordon, Mitchell Hamline School of Law
Tuesday, August 29, 2017
July 1st Brings New Oklahoma Drug Laws
Saturday, July 01, 2017