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Alcohol Crimes Dismissal

Adam Banner - Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We've started off the week on a good note. Our office was able to secure dismissals on two charges: public intoxication and assault.

More often than not, we see alcohol-related crimes go hand-in-hand with violent crimes. The sad truth is that folks don't tend to make the wisest decisions when they are intoxicated, and that can regularly lead to extra charges.

However, the flip-side is that law enforcement will often try and bolster their charges when confronted with a potential violent crime by alleging that the individual in question is intoxicated as well. That was the case here, and we were able to bring the truth to light.

Remember that in Oklahoma, an officer does not have to offer you a breath or blood test to allege that you are drunk in public. More often than not, the officer's subjective impression is enough to get the charges on the table. 

If you are wrongfully charged with a crime, call the attorneys at the Law Offices of Adam R. Banner, P.C. We will fight your fight for you.

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