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Ada Teen Arrested on Kidnapping, Assault, Arson, and Burglary Charges


Just a month after his 18th birthday, a young Ada man was arrested on multiple felony complaints following a night of drinking at a fraternity party.

Kalup Allen Born, 18, was arrested earlier this month after a series of incidents that connected him to an arson fire, several burglaries, and kidnapping.

Around 6:30 on the morning of January 15, a witness called 9-1-1 to report a house fire. The witness told the dispatchers that the home was fully engulfed, and that there were people inside whom he would try to get out. He also reported seeing a man walking away from the home.

Potontoc County sheriff's deputies Zubair Khan and Kevin Wood responded to the fire, while Game Warden Dale Sites said he was in the area and would detain the man walking near the fire.


According to a probable cause affidavit, Born was initially arrested on complaints of public intoxication, but he denied knowing anything about the fire or having even seen the fire, despite being picked up only 600 feet from the engulfed home.

A responding fire truck noticed a vehicle that had driven off the road, and Deputy Wood went to investigate. There he found not only the crashed vehicle, but also an 80-year-old woman who had fallen and injured herself on rocks in exiting the vehicle. The woman, identified as Brenda Carter, told the deputy that she had been kidnapped at knife-point and injured when the suspect crashed the vehicle and forced her to get out.

Meanwhile, Born was moved from Sites's vehicle into Khan's vehicle, and deputies noticed that the suspect had discarded a blue knife and a wallet belonging to a Vicki Ross. Khan then observed that Born allegedly discarded several more items in the deputy's patrol vehicle. These items included a pair of blue headphones, a socket wrench, and a prescription pill bottle belonging to Brenda Carter.

When deputies conducted a welfare check at the home of Vicki Ross, she discovered that her wallet was missing.

Deputies then questioned Born, who reportedly waived his Miranda Rights and confessed to multiple crimes. His felony affidavit says that Born told investigators that he had been at a fraternity party but was asked to leave. After leaving the party, he decided that he wanted to go to his mother's home in Johnston County, but didn't have a way to get there. As he walked down the highway, he decided to steal a car to get him to Connorville.

He entered Carter's home, which was near the party he left, through a kitchen window. He claims that he intended to steal her car, but as he was searching for her keys, the woman woke up to use the restroom. He then took a butcher knife from her kitchen and lay down by her bed. When Carter discovered him, he threatened her at knifepoint, demanding her keys. When she got the keys for him, he told her that she was going to Tishomingo with him and made her leave with him in her vehicle.

When they got to Fittstown, Born wrecked the vehicle by driving it backwards off of a bridge. He then made Carter get out of the vehicle. Because the front end of the car was sticking up in the air, the elderly woman slipped and fell in exiting, injuring herself when she fell into the creek below.

Born left the injured woman there and walked away. He then entered the home of Vicki Ross through an unlocked door and stole a blanket, a steak knife, Ross's wallet, and some Doritos. He planned to steal Ross's car, but was unable to locate the keys.

From there, Born continued to walk down the road. He saw a dark blue pickup belonging to Larry Colbert parked beside a shop building and broke into the truck in an attempt to steal it. When he could not find the keys to the truck, he stole cigarettes, a cigarette lighter, and a pair of blue headphones from the truck.

Continuing in his quest to find a vehicle to drive to his mother's home, Born came across a home with the garage door open and a car and ATV inside. Born could not find keys to start the car nor anything to start the ATV, but he did find matches, which he decided to use for light.  Then, deciding he was cold, Born used the matches to burn some fake roses to warm up. However, the fire quickly got out of control, igniting some cardboard boxes and setting fire to the home of Max and Barbara Skelton.

He left the home without regard to the two sleeping people inside and was picked up about 600 feet away from the scene of the fire.

His arrest affidavit lists anticipated charges as follows:

  • Kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, first degree burglary, larceny, larceny of an automobile, and leaving the scene of a personal injury accident in connection with Carter
  • First degree burglary and larceny in connection with Ross
  • Burglary of an auto and larceny in connection with Colbert
  • First degree burglary, burglary of an auto, and two counts of first degree arson in connection with Skelton

This is not the first time law enforcement has had a run-in with the member of the Born family. Kalup's twin brother Christopher pleaded no contest to manslaughter in the stabbing death of a friend and on January 9 was sentenced to 20 years in prison. The twins' uncle, Mark Edward Born, is serving a 40 year prison sentence for a 1999 manslaughter conviction.


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