Once a Defendant enters a “pauper’s affidavit” and is granted a court-appointed attorney, he or she is limited in the ability to choose exactly who will be appointed as counsel. It is possible to secure a new public defender in the occasion that the attorney either has a conflict or is shown to be incompetent. However, the easiest way to secure legal representation of your choice is to hire a private attorney. The public defenders and attorneys for the Oklahoma Indigent Defense System are some of the most talented lawyers in the state; regardless, court-appointed attorneys are most often just as overworked as they are talented. Most Defendants choose to hire private counsel if they are able; consequently, they can rest assured that their case is receiving the proper individualized attention it deserves. Remember, the legal field is just like any other profession: you get what you pay for. Contact our criminal defense law firm now so that we may provide you with a free and confidential consultation.