There is an old saying often attributed to Abraham Lincoln, one of history’s greatest lawyers:

“He who represents himself has a fool for a client.” Though every person has a constitutional right to represent his or herself “pro se,” it is always best to hire an experienced Oklahoma criminal defense attorney. Even the best lawyers in Oklahoma hire outside counsel to represent them when they face criminal prosecution. The stakes are simply too high. Would you attempt life-altering surgery on yourself instead of hiring a surgeon? No, of course you wouldn’t. An Oklahoma criminal prosecution can have potentially life-altering ramifications as well. You need an objective party to give you an unbiased third-person view of your situation, because that’s what you will be facing in the event you have to go to jury trial. If you are only facing a small fine, you may want to save the money and represent yourself. However, if you are facing jail time, it is extremely important you hire someone to protect your rights.