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Oklahoma City Police Fatally Shoot Rape Suspect


Oklahoma City police investing a kidnapping and first degree rape complaint shot and killed the suspect, who they say was armed with a knife.

Police say a woman went Wednesday to a local hospital to report that she had been raped repeatedly the night before. The woman told investigators that she went willingly to a residence on NE 24 in Oklahoma City on Tuesday night, but once there, a man held her against her will. She said that she was able to escape Wednesday morning, and she gave investigators a description of her attacker and the residence where the assaults took place. 

Oklahoma City police went to the home, where they say they found evidence supporting the woman's account. They also found her alleged attacker, identified as Andre Dontrell Williams, 26, hiding under a bed and armed with a knife.

Reports indicate that police used a stun gun to try to disarm Williams as he came out from under the bed. When he lunged at one of the officers with the knife, reports say, police fired at the man, killing him.

The fatally wounded suspect is a convicted sex offender with a prior statutory rape conviction and a subsequent attempted first degree rape arrest.

In the first case, Williams was convicted of second degree rape after meeting a 14-year-old girl online and then meeting her for sex. When the girl became pregnant, a paternity test showed that Williams, who was 19 at the time of the sexual encounter, was the father of the baby. The girl said that the two had consensual sex, but that he told her he was only 16 years old. In that case, Williams was given a 5-year suspended sentence. A second degree rape conviction is a Level 3 sex offense, requiring the person convicted to register as an Oklahoma sex offender for life.

The first degree rape charge came after an incident last June, in which the defendant was also charged with two counts of kidnapping. That case was ultimately dismissed because Williams's accuser gave untruthful testimony that "crippled" the state's case, according to First Assistant District Attorney Scott Rowland. That case, however, bears striking similarities to the allegations against Williams in the current situation. A woman reported that Williams took her at gunpoint her to the same home involved in this incident. Once at the home, she said, Williams attempted to handcuff her and rape her, but she was able to fight him off and escape.

That case began to unravel once it became apparent that the woman had not been abducted at gunpoint, but had gone willingly with Williams to the home.

Williams's death is the 7th fatal officer-involved shooting in Oklahoma City this year. A report earlier this month showed that there had been 21 fatal law enforcement shootings statewide as of July 8. Those numbers seemed to be adding up at record pace. The record for fatal police shootings in Oklahoma City was previously 9, set in 2010. The record for fatal law enforcement shootings statewide is 23, set last year. 

A Washington Post article published in late May indicated that Oklahoma had the highest per capita rate of fatal police shootings, with a rate more than double most other states.

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